Johannes Kärnstam

You're probably in a hurry, so here it goes!

The supershort version

I love to build beautiful functional web and keep the work organized and optimized along the way.

The shorter version

I am Johannes, yepp that hansom dude to the right, a webdeveloper, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I'm enthusiastic about most web techniques, I love to connect services and build beautiful interfaces. On the serverside PHP is my cup of tea and I'm ridiculously fond of frameworks as Laravel or Symfony for bigger apps, slim or flight for smaller application or AngularJS for SP frontend web apps.

For me it's not entirely only building a website that's makes web development so great for me, it's more the process of using the right building blocks and tools, keep the work structured, functional and optimized aswell as creating a seamless user experiences.

Now and then I write a word or two about the and that, mostly related to webdevelopment.

The long version

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Johannes Kärnstam
0760 40 61 00